Outlander Tour

The Outlander TV series has taken the world by storm! Ever since the program debuted in 2014, millions of viewers worldwide have been entranced by the escapades of time travelling World War II nurse Claire Randall & Jamie Fraser, the Highland Jacobite warrior. Now IT Tours brings you the authentic Highlands Outlander Tour experience, one we guarantee you don’t want to miss!


Your Outlander tour starts off in the Capital of the Highlands, Inverness itself & offers a fantastic range of historical places to explore and iconic local businesses like the Victorian Market and Leakeys Bookstore. For the Outlander fan though, Inverness is where the second honeymoon of Claire & Frank was taken during the novels before Claire gets whisked away to Jacobite Scotland & meets Jamie Fraser.

Culloden Battlefield

And to experience, the end of the Jacobite Uprising and where Claire gets flung back in time to, next up on our tour is Culloden Battlefield,an important historical and cultural landmark to visit. The site of the last great battle between the Jacobites under Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Redcoats, it’s impact would be felt on the country for centuries to come. The Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre is there to take you through the history leading up to this historic event, including a theatre experience that recreates the Battle of Culloden around you!

Clava Cairns

While the standing stones ‘Craigh na Dun’ were simply a creation of Diana Gabaldon, just five minutes from the Battlefield is one of the clear inspirations behind it. After leaving the Battlefield, you’ll be taken on a tour of Clava Cairns! Around 4000 years old, the series of stone cairns are all that remains of a Bronze Age cemetery, crematorium, sundial and calendar. Despite a lot of crossed fingers and wishing, there have been no reports so far of people being accidentally thrown back in time.

Wardlaw Mausoleum

From there, you’ll be whisked away to the Wardlaw Masoleum, the burial site of the Lovat Clan Chiefs. Outlander hero Jamie Fraser has strong ties to this site, claiming to be a descendant of Lord Lovat AKA the ‘Old Fox’, who was beheaded in  London after the failed Jacobite rebellion and laid to rest in the Mausoleum. Originally built in 1634, it fell into disrepair in the 19th Century until restoration began in the early 90s. This Grade A listed site is packed with history and currently, scientists from the University of Dundee are verifying that the body kept inside a casket onsite is that of the Old Fox himself. No Outlanders tour would be complete without visiting the Mausoleum.

Castle Leod/Strathpeffer

Castle Leoch is another creation from Diana Gabaldon’s fantastic mind, but it’s an inspiration is very much real. Castle Leod in Strathpeffer is the seat of the MacKenzie Clan, a grand stone building with elaborate gardens that are considered as one of the most significant in Scotland. While the TV show uses Doune Castle near Stirling for shooting, Diana is now the Patron of Castle Leod, campaigning to save the castle back in 2015 & it’s widely agreed that Leod is the true inspiration behind Leoch. As a part of our Outlanders tour, you’ll also get a chance to see the beautiful Highland town of Strathpeffer & explore this village known for its spas and sulphurous springs.

Clootie Well

An unusual but fun place to visit, there are many Clootie Wells in Scotland, Celtic places of pilgrimage built around wells or springs where Scots would leave bits of clothing tied to the trees and rocks as part of a healing ritual. Aside from being a fascinating historic site to visit – with many modern pieces of clothing found as people continue the tradition – one Clootie Well is referred to in the Outlander novel ‘Drums of Autumn’.

From 2 to 8 hours

1 to 4 people £39 per hour (standard car)

1 to 8 people £47 per hour (minibus)

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