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Loch Ness  Tour

Our Loch Ness tour will take you on a fantastic journey through the picturesque region surrounding the mysterious waters of Loch Ness, where you’ll take in both great sights & incredibly interesting history! This 5 hour experience with IT Tours is perfect for the tourist who wants the highlights of the Highlands & to see what Loch Ness really has to offer.

Dores Inn

Your first stop on your tour of Loch Ness is Dores Inn, a fantastic establishment on the shore where you can enjoy walking on the sandy beaches, unless it’s a traditional Highlands winter and the snow comes! However you can always take in the beautiful sight that is Loch Ness itself. Over 37 miles long, the Loch has more fresh water than all the lakes of England and Wales combined. The true star though is the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie herself, who you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of if she’s feeling sociable! No tour of Loch Ness is complete without trying to catch at least a few pictures of this Scottish wonder.


Foyers Fall

Afterwards you’ll be taken to Foyers Fall, a 165 foot waterfall that helps to feed Loch Ness. The nature walks around the falls are peaceful and will give you a chance to enjoy the Scottish countryside at it’s best. The Falls themselves provide a perfect spot on your Loch Ness tour for holiday snaps: a large grandstand is built over the gorge where the waterfall flows into Loch Ness. For those afraid of heights, you may want to stay off the grandstand, but if you can brave them, you’ll capture an up close view of the Falls’ roaring waters.


Fort Augustus & Urquhart Castle

Next up on your tour of Loch Ness will be Fort Augustus at the foot of the Loch. A tourist hotspot, you’ll have a chance to explore this small, friendly tourist town and maybe even see some boats travelling through the gates of the Caledonian Canal before we head onto Urquhart Castle. An early 13th Century fort that was destroyed in 1692 to keep it out of Jacobite hands, now the ruins have been partially restored allowing you to experience & learn the full history of this cultural landmark. Explore the castle, try not to feel chilly in the jails, have food in the visitor centre and marvel at the full sized Trebuchet on display. It’s no wonder we’re constantly asked to do tours of Urquhart Castle, it’s definitely a sight to behold!


Clansman Hotel Nessie Shop

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be making a stop at the premier (and only!) hotel on the shores of the Loch, the Loch Ness Clansman Hotel. Here as you near the end of your tour of the Loch Ness region, you’ll get a chance to visit the Cobb’s Nessie Shop inside the hotel. Family run and with one of the largest souvenir stores in the region, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Highland themed goodies to take home with you so you’ll always remember your tour of the Highlands with us!


Highland House of Fraser – Inverness

To round off your tour, we’ll be leaving Loch Ness behind and returning to Inverness to learn about the history and making of Scottish tartan kilts with Highland House of Fraser. While clan tartans may only have become a tradition in the 19th Century as part of Victorian romancing of Scotish culture, the tradition of making tartan kilts existed for hundreds of years before. With the store also offering a great selection of kilts and garments to buy, perhaps you might want to end your Scottish tour by getting the perfect kilt and matching clothing to take back home with you!

This tour takes approximately 5 hours

1 to 4 people with driver/guide £225

up to 8 people with driver/guide £275

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