Christmas Getaway – How Package Tours are Better than DIYs

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Christmas Market, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Christmas Getaway – How Package Tours are Better than DIYs


There’s nothing wrong with DIY-ing your vacations, most especially when you are an experienced traveler. Longtime DIY vacationers amazingly have that killer research skill and they do come up with a really enjoyable itinerary. Besides, there’s now a lot of resources on the internet where people who go on vacation share a blog of their trip with their full itinerary and quotes.

But even the most seasoned DIYer can miss some important details. A travel blog can’t recount everything like city council rules or common problems in the area, but someone from the place you want the visitors will know all of these.

If you try to search for travel blogs or sample itineraries for Inverness highlands tours, you will find very limited articles. You wouldn’t know then where to get cheaper tickets for tours, best restaurants to dine in, affordable shopping centers, were not to cross, where to get transportation service, and so much more.

A DIYer only knows what he experienced so when it comes to really guide you in your travel, he can’t suggest much.

This is why some DIY vacations are bound to fail.

And this 2019, as we near Christmas Day, more people are being recorded to come to Inverness City to experience the unique traditions of the Scotts. There are so many attractions to admire too like the castles covered with snow that give a feeling of magic this time of the year.

There are newly opened spots too that you shouldn’t miss, and we’re sure that you can only learn about them from locals of Inverness.

So who do you trust?

The local or the first time vacationer in Inverness?

We’d say a travel expert could get you better accommodations and itinerary. However, places in Scotland are a bit complex destinations that require many hours of research to understand.

Benefits of Buying Pre Arranged Tours

It makes sense to bring in experts for complex areas for our lives, like an accountant or financial planner, and booking an excellent custom vacation is no different. Travel experts, in many cases, book hundreds of tours a year and know the countries, cities, and tour options cold. They have most likely been to the actual hotel or on the excursions they suggest.

Pre-arranged day tours from Inverness can be great for some travelers that are looking for a specific price point and seeing certain cities for the first time. There is nothing better than a meticulously planned customized tour.

Don’t waste time trying to figure it out a destination like Italy on your own. You will most likely not save money booking online since tour operators get wholesale rates. It makes sense to work with an experienced travel expert like the IT Tours to plan a great vacation like a completely customized experience to Inverness. Again, the Highlands can be a challenging destination, it won’t cost you more, and you’ll save a ton of time and stress. Not to mention, if something goes wrong on your trip, you will have someone to support you.

If you book your vacation yourself and don’t like the hotel or room, you’re in trouble. Booking with a tour operator sends hundreds of people to the property or destination a year can usually make adjustments on the fly. Quite possibly, a modification that can be the difference between a good vacation and a great one.

Here are three more advantages of booking Inverness custom tours with an experienced travel expert like us at the IT Tours:

1. You can visit specific places that may not be in the itineraries of most travel blogs posted on the internet.

Let’s admit it – most travel blogs by DIYers focus only on most popular cities or tourist spots. It would put some travelers at a disadvantage. For example, those who want to reconnect with distant relatives residing in a small Italian town may not find a package meant for them. Those who wish to visit or stay in a lesser-known town for peace and quiet may also not be able to get the right tour.

That’s where Inverness custom tours come in. With the help of our travel experts, we can help you create an itinerary that’s truly off the beaten path.

2. You have more freedom to adjust your schedule.

There are some city tours where you are given blocks of free time to do whatever you want. However, there’s still a limit to the number of customizations that you can request. After all, these packages are designed to maximize your time in Italy and value for your money. It sometimes translates to packed itineraries for these packages, with travelers barely spending more than a few hours in each town. Also, many escorted tours depart for the day at 8 am, so sleeping in is not an option.

With a customized tour, you can opt to go for a more leisurely pace. You can decide to extend your stay at a specific place if you wish. You can also have more activities thrown in. These include whisky tastings at the Inverness whisky distilleries, road trips at NC 500, castle walk tours, or the Loch Ness 360 trip.

3. You get all the perks of going on a DIY tour but without the hassles.

Planning a DIY tour can take a lot of time. After all, you’ll need to research which hotels have the best prices for a specific location. At the end of the day, if you’re pressed for time, you may end up getting the first deal that pops up. It happens even if there are better offers out there. It’s no fun to be pushed into a decision due to a lack of suitable choices.

That’s why getting an Inverness custom tour is a better option. By having a travel expert onboard—someone who knows how to create the perfect experience for you—plus, you’ll save lots of time, effort, and stress.

If you want to learn more, get a FREE consultation with one of the travel experts at IT Tours. You can give us the things you want to do in your Scotland vacation and we can customize them for you.

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