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Our Guide to The Highlands


our beautiful scenery, renowned hospitality and iconic attractions such as the mesmerizing Loch Ness and it’s illusive lady, Nessie.


So you’ve booked your once in a lifetime holiday to the Highlands, but how do you make sure you don’t miss anything? Well we’re here to share with you our top attractions to visit to make sure your trip is one to remember!


  • The Isle of Skye (Linked to Tour) is a hub of rural landscapes and hidden gems, it’s no surprise that visitors can’t get enough of its magic. Make sure to drift off the beaten path to explore all this beautiful island has to offer.


  • Cawdor Castle (Linked to Tour) is full of culture and patriotic heritage. The estate covers an impressive 42000 acres, dating from the 14th century, this medieval tower is definitely not one to miss!


  • Loch Ness (Link to Tour) – Of course we couldn’t miss out Loch Ness! Approximately 37 miles long with more fresh water than all of the lakes in England and Wales combined! The banks are the perfect location for taking mesmerising photos that last a lifetime!


  • Chanonry Point (Link to tour) – Another spectacular sight, with views across the beautiful landscapes of Moray Firth and Fort George. Make sure to take your camera as Chanonry point is considered the best location in Britain for dolphin spotting!


  • Clava Cairns (Link to Tour) – A bucket list destination for all Outlander fans! If you haven’t seen the Patriotic series however, with Clava Cairns’ incredible insight into our ancestors, the site is still a must-see for any history lovers!


Remember we also provide Bespoke tours for those who are looking for a more personalised experience. Click here (Link to Bespoke Tours) for more information on how you can create your own tour with us!


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Speyside Whiskey

Speyside Whisky Trail Tour – Because Every Malt Tastes Different


Scotch whisky – who hasn’t taken a zip of it at least once in their lives?

It’s strong but it’s smooth. Scotch whisky has the perfect blend of booze that kicks but gives you one pleasurable time. People get engrossed with whisky that they need to get a glass at least once a day. And why not when it has a couple of amazing benefits to the body?



It keeps you sexier and protected from diabetes. It reduces stress and the risks of cancer!

So for the true whisky enthusiasts, they even go to Scotland to taste the original Scotch Whisky.

Whiskies in Scotland taste very differently, and even the single malts from different parts of the country are distinctive from one another. So every taste becomes a holy grail searched in a long, exciting trail.

And if you want to experience the unique whisky-tasting that only Scotland offers, the Speyside Whisky Trail is the most popular of them all.

Speyside Whisky Trail – Things to See and Do

Scotch whisky is a national brand worth toasting and going on a whisky trail is definitely worth boasting. If you’d like to take off on a whisky-filled adventure but you don’t know where to drive to, check the IT Tours service and find the vehicle that’ll best suit your number.

The Speyside region has a lot of scenic spots that’ll make your eyes full. You have the Millbuies Country Park to discover, the ruins of Dufus Castle to keep you in awe, and there’s the Spey Bay and Dolphin Center too where you can watch dolphins leaping playfully.

But more than these landscapes, the region is more popular for being densely populated with single malt distilleries.

Distilleries can be an hour to over an hour far from each other and some of the best might not be along the way. There are 49 distilleries in the Speyside region alone and you know that you can’t visit them all in just one day. So a well-planned itinerary can lead you the best distilleries instead.

IT Tours has no fixed itinerary to choose from since the service is rented per hour so you can enjoy every stop without having to hurry. We recommend visiting 2-3 distilleries in a day. But to give you a clue on what you might want to really see in your Speyside Whisky Trail, here’s a sample itinerary of a whisky distillery tour:


You can start your whisky pilgrimage at The Glenlivet Distillery located at the heart of Speyside. Then later, you can drive through the River Spey to Knockando to visit Cardhu Distillery. Then end the day by heading west to Craigellachie and see how single malt is made traditionally at the Speyside Cooperage.


Enjoy a dram drawn straight from the cask at The Glenlivet Distillery in Banffshire. Your guides can give you an insight into the intriguing history of this spectacular single malt too.


13 miles from the Glenlivet Distillery, north to Knockandu is the Cardhu Distillery. This is the only malt whisky distillery pioneered by a woman. They offer here a dedicated tasting and nosing session. You can even take home a complimentary whisky glass.


9 miles from Cardhu is the so-called heart of the Speyside whisky region. Here, you’ll discover the spectacular Speyside Cooperage. Here, you’ll have the unique opportunity to witness the ancient art of creating whisky barrels using traditional tools and methods. You can even make your own mini-cask.


Another itinerary you can check is the Dufftown distilleries. You can start at the Glenfiddich, drive a little to the Glen Grant and end the tour at the Strathisla Distillery.


Start your trip at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown. This was built by William Grant and his family over a period of 18 months. The first drops of whisky flowed from the stills on Christmas Day of 1887.


In Rothes, you will see the Glen Grant Distillery. This is the only Scotch whisky distillery that is named after its founding owners. Apart from the whisky, you can explore the beautiful Victorian Garden. Of course, there will be a private tasting session to find out more about the distinctive dram.


About 20 minutes-drive from the Glen Grant Distillery is Keith where you’ll see the Strathisla Distillery. This is the oldest operating distillery in the Highlands which dates back to 1786. The tour can give you an insight to the art of blending as the distillery produces a range of Chivas Regal premium blended whiskies and single malt Strathisla 12-Year-Old.



Your third option of Speyside Whisky Trail can begin at the charming town of Elgin. Start at the Glen Moray Distillery, head west to Forres and tour Benromach Distillery, then end the tour with Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery visit.


Embark on your first hour of the trail with a visit to Glen Moray Distillery in Elgin, where a warm welcome awaits you. Watch their team craft the single malt or be oriented by their very own Distillery Manager about their process of whisky-making.


20 minutes to Forres, you’ll see the Benromach Distillery which is home to the world’s first fully certified organic single malt. Watch how Benromach create their malts with an Exclusive Manager’s Tour. You can also do hands-on bottling of their whisky.


And in just 10 minutes of driving, you can reach the Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery. This is owned by the entrepreneur Alexander Edward. It closed production in 1983 but it’s still fascinating to look at its chequered past.

Take one or two or all of these itineraries with IT Tours and indulge in the world-renowned Scotch whisky and single malt.

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