10 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Whisky Better This Holidays

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Holiday Whisky

10 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Whisky Better This Holidays


Dreaming of a dram of whisky this Christmas? Then there’s nothing more satisfying than embarking on a whisky tour in Inverness – the home of true single malt and Scott whisky. This is the ultimate destination for any whisky lover. But this holiday, most of the distilleries are closed and you won’t be able to indulge yourself in a bottle or to your heart’s desire.

Most whisky tours in Inverness and the rest of Scotland are available before Christmas and the next will already be after New Year. So while there’s still time before the biggest festive season of the year, book for an Inverness whisky tour with IT Tours so you can rather grab a bottle you can enjoy at home during the Christmas Eve. There are special promos and exclusive, limited edition drinks offered during the holidays in some distilleries. Check with us at IT Tours and we’ll help you find them.

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Whisky at Home this Holiday

There’s no need to frown when you can’t go at the distillery on Christmas itself. Even the makers of your favorite drink need a break and celebrate the holidays with their families too. But as we said, you can score their holiday exclusives before they go on vacation and just enjoy your whisky at home. Besides, whisky tastes best when shared with your loved ones over dinner and stories this coming holiday.

Whisky is practically impossible to mess up. You can mix it with other drinks but nothing beats its original taste. So here we have 10 must-try suggestions on how you can boost the experience of whisky drinking at home.

1. Original and Neat

If it’s your first time tasting a certain brand, then we suggest drinking it neatly at first so you’ll have an idea of how it tastes and think of something good to blend it with. Most whiskies are smooth, warm, and slightly sweet when drawn straight from the bottle.

2. Add a bit of water

If you are not a whisky drinker and you find the drink to be too strong, you can try adding a few drops of water to your whisky to make it lighter. But don’t worry that you are destroying the taste. Water dilutes whisky, making its real flavor profile shine through. And if you mistakenly added too much water, you can always add more whisky until you get the right taste that you want.

3. Whisky and cola

This is a classic and is probably everyone’s favorite mix. It’s the best sellers in bars. Mix one part of whisky and two parts of cola, add ice and stir. Then have your favorite fried finger foods to make the experience more pleasurable!

4. Whisky on the rocks

It’s almost the same as drinking your whisky neat. But instead of a warm drink, you’ll get an ice-cold one, which is the favorite of most gentlemen. Fill two-thirds of your glass with ice before filling it with whisky. Make the spherical pieces because they melt slower so you can enjoy the taste of your whisky even longer.

5. Old-fashioned Cocktail

Whisky can be used for making cocktails just like any other liquors! In the 1800s, people started mixing cocktails with whisky as the base. Try placing half teaspoon of sugar on a glass and add club soda or a splash of water. Place three dashes of Angostura bitters too and mix all ingredients. Rotate the glass so the mixture covers it all. Add a couple of ice cubes and pour in two ounces of whisky. Serve with a stirring rod, and enjoy.

6. Southern Cucumber

If you want to feel cooler this holiday, the Southern Cucumber mix is the right drink to try. Stay refreshed with a cool cucumber drink mixed with your whisky. Simply mix cucumber and syrup with the whisky. Add lemon or lime juices too until a highball glass is filled. Shake well then serve with a ginger ale and the cucumber spear.

7. Whisky plus citrus-flavored soda

Did you know that citrus soda was especially invented for mixing with whisky? You just have to add 2 parts of citrus soda and one part of whisky together just like what you usually do with the whisky cola mix. Add ice cubes too and stir. Surprisingly, the soda and whisky will remain separated even after stirring.

8. Mint Julep

Feeling like you’re catching cough or colds, but you still want to indulge into a glass of whisky? This mix is perfect to satisfy your craving while relieving your colds. Place a teaspoon of sugar into a glass and crush them together. Fill it with cracked ice and pour three ounces of whisky. Stir briskly and add some mint on top before serving.

9. Whisky sour

Fill your cocktail shaker with two parts of whisky, one part lemon juice, half part of sugar syrup, and half part of egg white. Mix all together and shake hard until everything’s well-mixed and becomes cold. Strain into an ice-filled glass and garnish the glass with a cherry and an orange slice.

10. Whisky and Coffee

This mix will taste like Baileys. Pour hot coffee into warmed glass until it’s ¾ fill and add brown sugar. Stir until they are completely dissolved. Blend in the whiskey and top the drink with a collar of the whipped cream. Serve hot or serve with ice.

Final Words

For the ultimate whisky experience this holiday, be sure to score a limited edition since they are uniquely flavored compared to the distillery’s regular products. If not, they come with special treats like holiday edition of whisky bottles or free distillery tour-exclusive items like whisky glasses.

But if you are on a budget, you can go with the classic drinks like Strathisla distillery’s Chivas Regal. With ingredients such as orange marmalade and maple syrup, it’s the perfect whisky blend for the discerning your palate.

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