Vehicle Type

Mercedes Verano tours buses by the Kessock bridge


VIP Highland Tour Why not upgrade to our VIP tours of the Scottish Highlands and make your day very special indeed. Our most experienced driver will

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Minibus for Inverness Highland tours


Minibus Tours If you require a larger vehicle for your tour of the Scottish Highlands, we can supply 6 / 8 and 16 seater minibuses.

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Mercedes tour car by the kessock bridge

Standard Car

Our standard car is of a high quality and can accommodate up to 4 people.

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Holiday Whisky

10 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Whisky Better This Holidays

Dreaming of a dram of whisky this Christmas? Then there’s nothing more satisfying than embarking on a whisky tour in Inverness – the home of true single malt and Scott whisky. This is the ultimate destination for any whisky lover. But this holiday, most of the distilleries are closed and you won’t be able to

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Christmas Market, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Christmas Getaway – How Package Tours are Better than DIYs

There’s nothing wrong with DIY-ing your vacations, most especially when you are an experienced traveler. Longtime DIY vacationers amazingly have that killer research skill and they do come up with a really enjoyable itinerary. Besides, there’s now a lot of resources on the internet where people who go on vacation share a blog of their

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