Vehicle Type

Mercedes Verano tours buses by the Kessock bridge


VIP Highland Tour Why not upgrade to our VIP tours of the Scottish Highlands and make your day very special indeed. Our most experienced driver will

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Minibus for Inverness Highland tours


Minibus Tours If you require a larger vehicle for your tour of the Scottish Highlands, we can supply 6 / 8 and 16 seater minibuses.

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Mercedes tour car by the kessock bridge

Standard Car

Our standard car is of a high quality and can accommodate up to 4 people.

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chanory point

Travel to Chanonry Point

Would you reveal a truth to someone no matter how painful or inconvenient that truth may be? At what cost would it be to reveal this troublesome truth? These very quandaries were what Kenneth Mackenzie, otherwise known as Coinneach Odhar or the Brahan Seer, had to face. As a Brahan Seer Coinneach was tasked with

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Inverness Castle

Touring Around Scottish Highlands – Why Visit Inverness Castle?

Inverness is often referred as the “Gateway to the Highlands” since it has the biggest international airport in the Scottish Highlands. For that reason, it serves as the start off point of any tour to the North and towns near the city like the world famous Loch Ness. But did you know that Inverness has

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